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Five popular sayings that are total Crap.

I’m mostly neutral toward Pintrest. It seems like a good place for people (mostly women) to get ideas (mostly crafts and recipes.) One thing I cannot stand is these cutesy photos with some popular cliché – that get repinned to my facebook feed. Most of the time these sayings are false, even if they sound…

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Man of Steel follow up.

From my earlier review: There could be discussions going on forever about how Superman is like Jesus, as well as discussions about places where the similarities break down, but it is the choice to make this an overt part of who superman is what brings strength to the film. Well the past week I’ve seen…

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Man of Steel Review (spoilers are labeled)

Last week I was fortunate enough to get tickets to an advanced screening of Man of Steel, The latest Superman movie. The movie comes out this weekend. Some Background (you may wanna skip this) Catching you Up: For the Newbies Only If you have never heard of Superman, I want to say first off, congrats…

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Why Christians should care about Genetically Modified Organisms (not the reason you probably think)

I took a pretty long hiatus from my blog and I want to return with a really brief bit about the relative importance for Christians to be aware of incorporating food that is genetically modified into our diets. I know you’re thinking that I’m going to start telling you about the increasing amount of emerging…

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