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Chad and Aaron Burns

Chad and Aaron Burns are the Director/producer team behind “Beyond the Mask” a Christian action/adventure film. It’s the story of a pre-Revolutionary War era assassin who worked for the East India Company, but when his employers betray him his life is saved by a cleric who dies in the process so he takes the priest’s…

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The film “Beyond the Mask” and why you should go see it.

I’ve never been intimidated to do an review for a big Hollywood film because I have no illusion that anyone involved with that kind of movie would ever bother reading my review. But since I sat down with the Director/Producer team for Beyond the Mask, Chad and Aaron Burns, for a podcast interview (posting next…

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Mark Cathy

On this, the first episode of my new podcast, “Brio” I talk briefly with Mark Cathy, grandson of Chic-fil-A founder Truett Cathy. Subscribe to the podcast on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Laptop, or just listen to it right here. You can listen while you walk your dog, while you make dinner, while you hit the…

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