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Ken Roach and Patrick Quinn

On this episode of the Brio podcast, I talk with Ken and Patrick about their new book How to Ruin Your Child in 7 Easy Steps. It’s a quirky look at the 7 Deadly sins and how to tame them in your own life while nurturing virtues in your children. The book is available now…

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Tomorrow ain’t what it used to be: A discussion of the humanist themes in Disney’s Tomorrowland

Disappointment in Tomorrow Listen, I didn’t expect much from Disney’s Tomorrowland other than it just being a fun movie. Unfortunately I can’t say that it was. It had fun moments, fun characters, and a fun premise, but the movie itself wasn’t that fun. How is that? I think I can sum it up in a…

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Greg Bandy

Prof. Greg Bandy teaches media at Asbury U. On this episode he and I talk about the importance of story and how it shapes out culture as well as his projects the Hound of Heaven and

What camera should I buy for my church?

I get this question a lot so I thought I’d write a blog entry to explain it. Short answer: It Depends. you can ask this question to 20 video guys and they will give you 20 different answers according to their philosophy on what is most important. To me it often comes down to a…

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