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Prof. Greg Bandy teaches media at Asbury U. On this episode he and I talk about the importance of story and how it shapes out culture as well as his projects the Hound of Heaven and


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Posted on May 15, 2015 in The Brio Podcast

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William H. Adams does creative work for a church. He enjoys sandwiches, jet skis, legos, ultimate frisbee, and living life to the fullest. Will is most passionate about using creative media to tell the story of what God is doing in the lives of those who love Christ. He believes the purpose of his life to glorify God and encourage others.

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  1. […] had the honor of hearing the message from Alastair Bragg (in fact I briefly mentioned it on the most recent episode of the Brio Podcast) In which he mentioned that the first reality that must be faced before one can understand the […]

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