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Seeing Dad’s Hands

  Yesterday in worship we played a video that had a shot of Matthew Gamble, a Frazer Staff Member, filling out our new connect card. Matt happened to be walking by when I was shooting the video and I asked if he could be my hand model. We got the footage and I threw it…

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Listen to the Rocks and Donkeys: How Christians should approach Movies, TV, & other media. (Videos)

If you’re not letting the rocks cry out or donkeys speak to you occasionally I think you’re missing out, because it happens to me all the time. How it started for me: When I was a kid, like most children who grew up in a Christian home, my Mom was concerned about the kind of…

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Do you want to get well? Trapped: A Victim Mentality

Introduction from May 2014 This past week at Frazer UMC, where I work here in Montgoemry, Levi Garnder, our minister of outreach, brought a great message from the text of John 5. This year we’re going verse-by-verse through the book of John and this past week we talked about Jesus healing the man by the…

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Discernment vs. Judgement

In an effort to not be judgmental, I believe that we’ve lost discernment – and while discernment may look like judgment, it is actually entirely different. “Who are we to judge?” This is the phrase that is most often said when the average Christian explains why they decided not to confront a friend about their…

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Ignition; What is this Fire?

3 – 2 – 1 . . . Ignition! I’m a big fan of metaphors. My church just finished a teaching series today. ‘Ignite’ was its title and I’m pausing today to meditate on the image of ignition because I think that it’s a powerful metaphor. References to fire are very common in the Bible;…

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The Gift of Worship

Worship, Worship, Worship and more Worship I throw the word worship around a lot. I mean, I probably use it 50+ times a day. If I’m honest, most of the time I misuse the word – using it in one of the following three ways: Worship is the music that happens before and after the…

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